Sadiq Khan is considering a daily charge of 3. 3.50 for drivers entering London London

Drivers could be charged দৈ 3.50 a day to enter Greater London at the suggestion of the mayor of London to address the capital’s funding crisis.

Sadiq Khan has asked London Transport to start a feasibility study for a plan to raise 500 million a year.

Registered vehicles will be charged across London outside the capital – an area about 70 times larger than the central congestion zone.

A separate review of TFL’s finances, which were badly damaged by falling tube rents after the epidemic, suggested that road charging would be the best source of new income.

The review said the reduction in bus service to outlying cities, the scrapping of night tubes and the end of subsidies for the “Boris Bike” bicycle rental project would lead to potential savings but could lead to more traffic congestion and economic losses.

The commission was commissioned by the independent panel in full consultation with the government for emergency funding after passengers were told to avoid public transport to prevent the spread of the Covid-19.

Khan called on ministers to play a “fair game” with London to ensure future financing of the capital transport network and to allow London-based drivers to raise ০০ 500 million a year in car excise duty.

He said the money was spent outside London, when the TFL used the money to maintain the capital’s main roads.

Border charges can also reduce traffic congestion and emissions and encourage greater use of sustainable transportation. On an average, about 1.3m of vehicles travel to London on weekdays.

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The project is expected to take at least two years to develop, consult and implement.

Khan said: “The issue of financing our world-famous transport system is at a time when ministers have failed to play a fair game with Londoners. It’s high time they do. In London it is not right that our drivers should be subsidized on the rest of the country’s roads and get nothing in return.

“We cannot continue to expect public transport renters to subsidize road maintenance costs.”

The Green parties welcomed the proposal and urged Khan to go further with more sophisticated road charging projects.

Business group London First said broad measures needed to be taken but that the boundary charge “could certainly be part of this national package”, while urging the central government to give London more power to raise revenue.

Logistics UK said the charge was a “significant blow” to the road lifting sector and was merely a piece of paper to hold back the TFL’s problem.

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