Russians ‘didn’t honor their ceasefire promise’, says Ukrainian commander in Azovstli

The Ukrainian military announces that fighting continues at the Azovstal Steel Plant in Mariupol (south-eastern Ukraine).
“The Russians are trying to block and destroy Ukrainian units in the area of ​​occupied Azovstal”Ukraine’s military said in a statement this morning. According to him, the troops in Moscow have “The offensive resumed with the support of the aircraft to take control of the factory”,

Moscow announced last night that starting this morning its forces would hold a cease-fire for three consecutive days to allow the evacuation of the nearly two hundred civilians still in Azovstal.

Lieutenant-Colonel Denis Prokopenko, who commands the soldiers of the Azov regiment trapped in the steelworks, for his part, indicated in a video released last night that Russian forces managed to enter the steelworks, from where “Violent and Bloody Fighting” were in progress. “For two days, the enemy managed to break into the factory premises, Did he announce? I am proud of my soldiers, who are making supernatural efforts to resist the onslaught of the enemy. I am grateful to the whole world for the immense support extended to the Mariupol Garrison. Our soldiers deserve it”he adds.

Azovstal, a massive steel complex criss-crossed by underground networks, is the last pocket of resistance by Ukrainian fighters against the Russian military, which has besieged this strategic port since early March. The surrender of its defenders, or capture by the Russian armed forces, would be a significant victory for Moscow.

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