Russian unit falsifies telegraph journalists for plotting to assassinate Sergei Skripal

The FBI wanted the poster to warn that Kovalev should be considered “armed and dangerous, at the risk of international flight and the risk of escape.” However, he is believed to be in Russia, and if he does, he is likely to leave the country at the risk of arrest.

Details of the so-called spearfishing attack on OPCW and UK agencies have been released in an indictment released by the Justice Department in Washington in October this year after a two-year investigation into the hack attempted by Scripps.

According to U.S. allegations, GRU conspirators began sending their ‘spearfishing’ emails on April 5, two days after the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) was announced in Porton Down, identifying the poison used against Colonel Scripps as Novichok.

April The conspirators, according to the U.S. argument, conducted “three related spearfishing campaigns” targeting OPCW, DSTL and the Foreign Office. The conspirators sent 20 emails to the official OPCW address and another 19 from other fake accounts, “was the name of a user imitating a UK journalist on behalf of a UK media entity.”

These accounts, now that it may be published, were set up in the name of Telegraph journalists. The OPCW referred these disguises to the British authorities and gave them three email addresses that were targeted.

The National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC), part of the GBHQ, which has investigated the hack along with FBI affiliates, said it wanted to “prevent a malicious cyber attack” by the GRU.

Paul Chichester, NCSC director of the campaign, said: “Although this particular attack failed, it is an important reminder of the online threat and I would encourage everyone to visit our website to learn the practical steps they can take to ensure they are more secure online.”

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