Russian cosmonaut films mysterious ‘space guests’ from Global Area Station

Russian cosmonaut films mysterious 'space guests' from International Space Station

A Russian cosmonaut on the Worldwide House Station has sparked theories of a UFO sighting just after he shared footage of mysterious lights in the midst of an aurora.

Ivan Vagner explained the online video showed “five objects” that show up to be flying along with the aurora.

He wrote: “Room attendees, or how I filmed the new time-lapse. The peak of aurora borealis when passing above the Antarctic in Australia’s longitude, this means in in between them.

“Even so, in the movie, you will see some thing else, not only the aurora.”

He extra that at 9-12 seconds in the online video, five objects look alongside the aurora. Mr Vagner questioned his followers to support him in figuring out what the lights could be.

“Meteors, satellites or…? P.S. The frames had been captured 1 for each sec and later on assembled in a video clip with 25 frames for every sec charge. That means, the actual observation time is 52 sec,” explained Mr Vagner.

A single social media user recommended the objects could be room rocks but he added that the footage was “ambiguous” as house debris does not usually light up in development.

Other individuals instructed the lights were being possible recognized satellites, such as the Starlink fleet belonging to SpaceX.

Though other social media end users had been certain the cosmonaut had captured footage of an Unidentified Flying Object.

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“Ivan those are UFOs!,” wrote one particular particular person on Twitter. “They are evenly spaced and in military services development. Listed here is a close up from your movie. Excellent eye my buddy!”

Mr Vagner reported the data has been shared with Roscosmos administration and the materials were being sent to TsNIIMash and the Area Investigation Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences for further evaluation.

It comes just after Nasa uncovered an asteroid heading towards the Earth has a fraction of a percentage chance of colliding with the world, just one day in advance of the US presidential election.

The house agency said that the asteroid, called 2018VP1, has a .41 for every cent opportunity of hitting the Earth – and could strike on November 2, the day prior to Donald Trump and Joe Biden face off in the US presidential elections.

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