Russian and Syrian fighters fly over the Golan: successful interception maneuver

These exercises are part of joint coordination and training between the Syrian and Russian forces.

During these exercises, two Russian Su-35 fighter jets and six Syrian fighter jets, MiGs, were engaged in an effort to counter deceptive hostile fighter jets and drones entering Syrian airspace. Syrian pilots treated targets under the guise of Russian pilots, as potentially hostile targets were thoroughly sighted and destroyed. For the first time, these exercises, imitating combat, were conducted at night.

Similarly, Syrian and Russian warplanes carried out joint patrols in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights and in the southern, eastern and northern parts of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Overall, these maneuvers showed a great coordination between the pilots of the two Allied forces and a great conversation according to the different positions.

The Russian Air Force participated in these exercises with Su-24, Su-34 and Su-35 type fighters, while the Syrian Air Force participated with MiG-23ML and MiG-29 type fighters.

On 26 May, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that “Moscow will continue to support the Syrian leadership as part of the full restoration of the country’s territorial integrity.”

S. Lavrov said in an interview with the Russian satellite channel Arabic Version RT that ” In Syria, there are still units of the armed forces from countries that no one has invited. Until now, US forces, which had occupied a large part of the eastern coast of the Euphrates, established a quasi-state there, encouraged direct secession, and used part of Iraq’s Kurdish population for this purpose. did. These statements by the head of Russian diplomacy come even before his stay in Turkey. As a reminder, the latter country seeks to implement a 30 km deep buffer zone in Syrian territory, an objective that Damascus denounces with excessive energy.

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