Russia to shoot first fictional film in space –

The Russian space agency Roskosmos will send a film crew aboard the International Space Station (ISS) in October to shoot the first fictional film in space. Russia has also announced the name of its next space tourist.

Russia will send 36-year-old actress Yulia Peresield and 37-year-old director Klim Chipenko to the ISS in October. He should shoot there “the first fictional film in space”, a work of which we know only by provisional name: “Challenge”.

The film is co-produced by Dimitri Rogozin, the boss of Roskosmos, who wants Russia to carry out such a project, while NASA is working with Tom Cruise for the same purpose. The Russian budget has not been disclosed.

The announcement comes as space agency Roskosmos has struggled for years and is trying to revive itself after corruption scandals and competition from Elon Musk’s Space X company.

Space tourist

Russia made another announcement on Thursday that the country plans to put a Japanese billionaire in orbit in December. Yusaku Mezawa and his assistant Yozo Hirano, responsible for the adventure, will be sent to the ISS aboard the Soyuz rocket.

Yasaku Mezawa, 45, commented in a press release from Space Adventures, “I’m so keen on life in space that I planned to experience it on my own and share it with the world on my YouTube channel.” Travel.

Between 20 and 35 million

The ISS comes as an announcement to resume tourist campaigns with Japanese billionaires, as Moscow lost in 2020 to the monopoly on manned flights conducted since 2011 and the retirement of the American “Space Shuttle”.

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According to trade magazine Forbes, a seat at the orbital station for eight to twelve days is charged at $ 20 to 35 million.

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