Russia proposes “humanitarian” resolution in Security Council

Russia intends to present a draft resolution to the UN Security Council on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine, the Russian ambassador to the UN announced in New York on Tuesday.

, We will propose our own project which is humane“, said the Russian diplomat in a statement to the press shortly before the meeting of the UN executive body.

He said he regretted that France and Mexico had abandoned their draft proposals on humanitarian aid for a vote after 15 days of discussions.

However, these two countries have decided to seek direct votes in the United Nations General Assembly, where Russia has no veto power.

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According to the diplomats, Paris and Mexico are “one of a kind” in their project. end of hostilities“, a statement deemed “political” by Moscow, which threatened to veto the proposed text.

According to the Russian Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations, Dmitry Polyansky, Moscow’s proposal will soon be submitted to the Security Council presidency assured by the United Arab Emirates for the month of March.

Russian project specifically expresses ” deep concern “Security Council” In the face of reports of civilian casualties, including children, in and around Ukraine“. She ” Demands that civilians including humanitarian personnel and people in vulnerable situations including women and children be fully protected,

On 2 March, the assembly had approved a resolution for peaceful “ImmediatelyConflict between Russia and Ukraine, especially through political dialogue, negotiations and mediation.

Passed during an emergency special session with 141 votes in favour, 5 votes against and 35 votes against, the resolution called on all parties to fully respect their obligations under international humanitarian law to spare civilian populations and civilian goods. called upon. ,

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