Russia: Navy to return from Germany or face imprisonment by tomorrow


Russia has given Alexie Navalny an ultimatum to return from Germany tomorrow or face imprisonment, Reuters reported.

The Federal Penitentiary Service today accused Navalny of violating his obligations under a suspended sentence he received in 2014. The Kremlin critic was sentenced to three and a half years suspended in the money laundering case, which he said. Politically Inspired, BTA Report.

“The person who has received the suspended sentence does not fulfill the obligations assigned to him by the court and refrains from controlling the inspection,” the statement said.

He was summoned today to appear for inspection, because otherwise, according to the Russian Penal Code, his suspended sentence could be effectively replaced.

The declaration stated no time limit for the Navy to do so. However, the opposition published a screenshot of the message to his lawyer, stating that he had been given time until 9am yesterday to appear in office in Moscow.

Navalny was taken to the Charité Hospital in Berlin for treatment in August. Germany and other Western countries say they were murdered by a nerve agent. Russia says he has not seen any evidence that he was poisoned and has denied involvement in any way.

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