Russia is part of the global economic system and does not plan to undermine it


Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that his country is still part of the global economic order and has no intention of harming it.

Putin was speaking at a meeting with Russian businessmen under the gold of the Kremlin (Russian Presidency), during which he discussed possible sanctions against his country following military intervention in Ukraine.

“What is happening now (the attack), is a measure that had to be taken because we were left with no other way to do otherwise, after all our efforts failed (…) the threats to Russia’s security were very high. were important,” Putin explained.

The Russian president said he was surprised at the lack of any progress on security guarantees, adding that “we know what world we live in and we know about it, so we prepared for sanctions”.

He explained that Russia’s economy is part of the global economic system and that his country has no intention of harming it, calling on his allies not to set themselves the goal of ousting Russia from the Mondial economy.

* The Donbass Crisis and Russia’s Military Intervention

In 2014, after the popular protests that rocked Ukraine, head of state Viktor Yanukovich fled the country, giving way to a Western government. The ensuing crisis saw Russia invade Crimea and illegally annex this Ukrainian territory, then supported the claims of independence of the Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, predominantly Russian-speaking.

The deadly skirmishes that began in the wake of the unilateral declaration of independence of the two Ukrainian territories then opposed separatist forces backed by Russia and Kiev’s forces.

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With diplomacy initiatives in 2014 and 2015, Kiev’s supporters in the West entered into an armistice agreement with Moscow, known as the Minsk Agreement, which although worked to defuse the crisis, led to this ceasefire. It was marked by several breaches, in which some people lost their lives. 14,000 Ukrainians on both sides.

When Russia began deploying thousands of troops to the border areas with Ukraine in late 2021, the United States and its Western allies claimed that Moscow was preparing to invade Ukraine. Ukraine and its territorial integrity.

Moscow, which has consistently denied any attempts to invade the former Soviet republic, nevertheless decided to recognize the independence of Donetsk and Luhansk, then, on February 24, in the words of Vladimir Putin, a military force on Ukrainian territory. In order to initiate intervention, defend the threatened population by “genocide by Kiev” and to “liberate Ukraine from Nazism and militarism, calling upon the Ukrainian military to lay down arms.”

*Translated from Arabic by Majdi Ismail

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