Russia. Global Ports Group serves the first train in transit between Japan and Europe (a. By MartinGue).

Global Ports Group Maersk’s first AE19 transit train and transports goods from Japan to Europe

Global Ports Group, First Container Terminal (FCT) and Vostochnaya Steveering Company (VSC) served the first fully loaded train from Japan under container container delivery from Russia to Asia to Europe under Maersk’s AE19 intermodal transit service.

A transit train with 40FEUs of sportsciers and equipment departed from VSC, which was located on 6 February, in the deep sea port of Vostochan, and 11 days later, on 16 February, arrived at FCT in the Grand Port of St. Petersburg. The cargo was first delivered by sea from the Japanese port of Yokohama to VSC, where they were loaded onto the train and shipped to St. Petersburg.

The container will be flown to the Maersk ship on FCT for delivery at the British port of Felixstowe. The total transit time from Japan to the UK should be 40–45 days. Transport through the Russian railway network is organized by Maersk in collaboration with the transport and forwarding company Modul.

А The19 service was first launched by Maersk in August 2019 in partnership with Global Ports and Modul to deliver the minimum transit time from Asia to Europe via the ports of Vostochny and St. Petersburg.

Transit containers are now shipped three times a week from VSC to FCT, while the service also operates in the opposite direction to deliver goods from Europe to Asia.

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