Russia excluded from Eurovision 2022 (Update: Russian television’s return from the EBU?)

In the wake of the current situation in Ukraine, tensions were rising at Euroworld, and the ax finally fell: the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) suspended Russia’s participation in the 2022 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Torino.

The decision follows a strong mobilization of broadcasters and the candidates themselves (such as the City Zeni group) to prevent Russia from participating given the situation.

Some broadcasters (notably those from Estonia and Finland) even threatened to withdraw from the competition if Russia participated.

Some Eurovision media were even prepared not to cover the Russian representative if he was elected.

The EBU justifies this decision by the fact that Russia’s participation this year will be political in itself, and therefore contrary to the neutral values ​​that the competition seeks to promote by uniting countries through music.

So Eurovision 2022 has now been reduced to 40 participants.

The dispute therefore finds a solution, even though taking Russia out of the competition does not resolve the current conflict.

The editorial staff of L’Eurovision au Quotidien clearly has a very sentimental view of the Ukrainian people they are victims of.

Saturday 26 February: the dissolution of Russian television from the EBU? (Updates)

The Russian Broadcasting and Television Company (RTR) will terminate its EBU membership. The information is yet to be confirmed.

The broadcaster was notified by RTR (composed of broadcaster Channel One). The reason for this would be the suspension of Russia in the next competition. The EBU justifies the decision taken yesterday: it believes that retaining the Russian candidacy in the competition would have been contrary to Eurovision’s values ​​and brought disrepute.

The union affirms this: it is committed to protecting the values ​​of public service media, despite current and intense events. Its priority is to ensure that all European citizens have access to reliable and independent information. Freedom of the press is guaranteed in complete security without any interruption.

Despite the complex situation, she continues to work tirelessly to provide unbiased information and says that support for media freedom should be a priority for all in the current conflict…

photo credit: ebu

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