Russia destroyed the world’s largest plane

It was the world’s largest cargo plane and the pride of Ukraine. An Antonov An-225 was destroyed in its hangar at Hostomel airport near Kyiv during the Russian offensive against Ukraine on 24 February.

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this was it the giant of the skyThe Holy Grail for Fans of photography The plane that saw it land at Paris-Vatry airport in April 2020 to deliver 150 tons of cargo to fight against global pandemic, The Antonov An-225, otherwise known as Marya for “dream”, was destroyed on 24 February during an attack on Hostomel airport, located northwest of Kyiv. At first, information about the fate of the largest flying carrier differed, but satellite images seem to confirm the destruction of Maria in her huge hangar. In its press release, the group Ukroboronprom The operator of the cargo said that the An-225 would be restored. A project that could last about five years and whose bill, about $3 billion, could be sent to … Russia, is proof that Ukraine is confident of winning against itself intruder,

A legacy from Soviet times

This unique aircraft set the record An-225 Mriya had a wingspan of 88.4 m for a length of 84 m. Six it. was inspired by turbojets Ivchenko-Progress D-18T, designed in Ukraine. These are the same ones found on the An-124, which also served as the basis for its development. In addition to its use for the rapid delivery of human cargo, this freighter was operated by several armies, including France, to quickly project heavy military equipment into theaters of operation. with Mass At a maximum take-off of 640 tonnes, it can carry up to 253 tonnes of freight. he thus Tunes A single load of 186 tons and the longest section (42.1 m) were carried.

Maria is a legacy of the USSR. It was built in the 1980s to serve the Soviet space program and specifically to transport Backshuttle badani, It was operational in 1988. A second copy was planned, but the collapse of the Soviet Union put an end to the project. Symbolically, it airplane A link between the Soviet past and our present.

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