Russia bans all UK-linked aircraft from its airspace

In the wake of this ban, airline group IAG, the parent company of British Airways, announced that it would no longer fly over Russia.

Russia announced on Friday it would block all UK-linked aircraft from its airspace after London banned Russian airline Aeroflot in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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Russian airspace is off-limits to all aircraft.owned, leased or operated by a person belonging to Great Britainand those registered there, Russian air regulator Rosaviatsia said in a statement. The ban also applies to transit flights in Russian territory. The ban affects not only flights to Russia, but also those flying into Russian territory, a major destination connecting Europe to Asia, according to the same source.

The ban comes as London imposed a new round of sanctions against Russia on Thursday, including banning Russian airline Aeroflot, a member of the SkyTeam international alliance with Air France-KLM, from service to the UK. The British sanctions were imposed in response to Vladimir Putin’s Russia launch on Thursday of an invasion of Ukraine.

IAG Group cancels flights to Moscow

Airline group IAG, the parent company of British Airways, announced on Friday morning that it was canceling its flights to Moscow and redirecting those using Russian airspace, its airspace to all UK-linked aircraft by Russia. A few minutes after the announcement of the ban. ,We have decided to cancel the air link to Moscow today” and of “Redirect flights to Singapore and Delhi so as not to fly over Russia”, indicated General Manager Luis Gallego during an investor conference following the publication of the group’s results on Friday.

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,We have suspended our flights to Moscow and the use of Russian airspace after the Russian government’s confirmation of sanctions“This, British Airways said in a press release sent to AFP, indicates that so far there were three flights a week to Moscow but none to Ukraine.”This is clearly a problem beyond our control. We notify customers of canceled services and offer a full refund“Clarifying to the company,” saidfollow the situation closely,

For flights that will now have to avoid Russia, “Route change may result in longer flight timesBritish Airways warned again. The announcement pertains to British Airways flights only because “No other group company flew over RussiaAhead of Friday’s announcement, a spokesman for IAG, which is also the parent company of Spanish companies Iberia and Vueling, told AFP. Luis Gallego assured that the flights that would have to change their route would be given to the group “maintain the programHe had planned the flight.

Airline group IAG announced on Friday that its net loss has halved in 2021 due to a gradual improvement in traffic during the year, and expects to see its results again this year.

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