Russell Sakhi’s FP update tire rules on the risk of GP disqualification F1 News

The FIA ​​has updated the Formula 1 Sporting Regulation on tire use, which means George Russell took the risk of disqualifying Sakhir by wearing Voltaire Botas tires.

Russell’s car was accidentally fitted with two front wheels from a set of Sakhi’s Grand Prix Botas tires earlier this month while standing for a Mercedes.

Mercedes brought him back to Russell’s next lap to get him back to his own set of tires, but began investigating any stewards for tire set mixes.

Mercedes was fined হাজার 20,000 after the stewards’ acceptance situation subsided – the team quoted a radio issue – and managed to correct the mistake as soon as possible.

But the stewards requested in their report that the FIA ​​adjust the sports rules to accommodate such incidents, which were unprecedented in the F1.

The latest version of the F1 Sporting Regulation, released after a meeting of the World Motor Sport Council this week, clarifies the rules regarding tire use.

The updated control states: “Any driver who uses a miscellaneous specification or set of tires not assigned during the competition may not cross the track line more than twice before returning to the holes and changing sets for the tires may have the same specification. “

There was no prior clarification for the incident where a driver used the allotted tires in another vehicle, putting Russell at risk of disqualification.

The rules still state that any driver will receive a 10-second stop / go penalty without changing tires between the three coles.

Another regulation relating to tires in the Sports Regulation ensures that Pirelli will continue to provide teams with a standard amount of tires for each race, moving away from the proposed custom selections before 2020.

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Teams will be provided with two sets, three mediums and eight softs per week at the end of each week.

The update rules reduce the maximum race time with a red flag from four hours to three hours and increase the number of races allowed in the championship to reflect the approved calendar of the following year.

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