Rupert Murdoch launches right-wing talk show TV channel in UK

How happy he was in front of the cameras again! TalkTV to launch in the United Kingdom on Monday 25 April, with controversial but popular British presenter Piers Morgan hiding his joy to return to the front of the stage. Every evening at 8 o’clock the name of their show is “Uncensored” (“Uncensored”) and he promises, the stars in his eyes, to “Celebrating True Freedom of Expression”no more “A Kind of Freedom of Expression” He , wake up snowflakes protect ” [des jeunes politiquement corrects], “You will not like this program, He warns. In fact, he will definitely tease you. ,

TalkTV aims to be a right-wing, direct and unlimited talk show television channel. Who better to present it than the puffy ego and unsparing opinionated presenter, who has managed to become one of the most recognizable faces in the UK? And what could be a better start than an exclusive interview with former US President Donald Trump?

thick address book

TalkTV marks the return of 91-year-old Rupert Murdoch’s band to British television. Australian-American tycoon, Fox News producer, owner sun And times, Quit starting a continuous news channel. He was burning for it, however, after selling Sky News, which he had created in 1989, to Comcast in 2018.

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He gave up, because such an undertaking would be too costly. Instead, he created TalkTV, which appears on TalkRadio, which he has long owned. This radio operates on a simple model: a presenter or a notorious presenter who doesn’t have his tongue in his pocket, and takes calls from listeners. TalkTV is satisfied with setting up a camera and re-broadcasting in the studio of TalkRadio, twenty-one hours a day. Additionally, there is now a three-hour prime time production, which will culminate in a Piers Morgan show.

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The presenter has a thick address book and has known Donald Trump for a long time. He participated in (and won) his show “The Apprentice” in 2008. The interviews, which aired on Monday 25 April and Tuesday 26 April, conducted well, and the former US president’s short sentences brought significant publicity to the new channel. , Mr Trump declined to say whether he would run in 2024, but “Many people will be happy” When he announces his decision, he says no. According to her, when she was in the White House, she offered Angela Merkel a white flag to show her the danger of her energy policy towards Russia.

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According to media research firm Anders Analysis, it is “It is unlikely that TalkTV will be profitable in the medium term”. But the goal may be elsewhere. The Murdoch Group needs this type of video interview in its multimedia offering. The first evening received a respectable rating at 2%, with approximately 400,000 viewers. More than Sky News and BBC News streaming news channels at the same time.

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