Rumor: ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ brings back another old acquaintance

Nicole Kidman is said to return as Atlana in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. She was seen as the Queen of Atlantis and the mother of Arthur Curry aka Aquaman in 2018. In the future, she will also have a role.

Various reports based on various media in Hong Kong that Kidman will also return to the film Aquaman 2. This is based on the media as Kidman was busy shooting for the Amazon series in Hong Kong immigrantswhich she would have done by now.

back as atlana
HK01 reports that Kidman is going to the UK to shoot the DCEU movie. Oriental Daily also reported that Kidman has returned as Aquaman’s mother.

Warner Bros. hasn’t responded to the reports yet, but if that’s true, it’s interesting that the company hasn’t announced Kidman’s return yet.

In the first Aquaman movie, it was revealed that Atalana was still alive, even though she had sacrificed herself two decades earlier. She is eventually reunited with Arthur’s father, a normal human, and Arthur is allowed to claim the throne of Atlantis.

We know from director James W that the new film has to be more complex than its predecessor. The lack of an announcement about if Kidman is indeed on display may be related to his leading role. It’s not certain yet.

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