Rugby: Zebra’s nightmare is over, after 49 days on the field – SPORTS

(ANSA) – PARMA, DECEMBER 10 – The nightmare ended, ZEBRE returned to the field 49 days after the final phantom in United’s fifth day match against Edinburgh (10-27) last October 23 Was. Championship. Tomorrow, however, Lafranchi of Parma, the zebras will face the five-time winners of Biarritz France, the pride of the Basque people, who carry the flag on the back of the shirt, in a game of the European Cup, the Challenge Cup. Is. It includes the 15 best clubs from Italy, France, the United Kingdom and Ireland, divided into three groups of five.

Now, who knows how much time has passed, when Zebra faced an insidious opponent like Kovid, which forced the team to an unwanted stop because of the Omicron version: in fact, XV Parmesan was in South Africa, where He would have faced the Stormers in Cape Town and the Sharks in Durban when Omicron’s expansion blocked everything and forced the Zebras to stay ‘on the bubble’ without playing in Rainbow Nation.

Only on 29 November the team managed to return to Italy yesterday and at 2 pm, amid the blocking of flights, tampons and contact with Farnesina after this last week will meet with Biarritz returned to the group headquarters with authorization to return to the train Received. Bradley chooses to coach this match in a formation composed entirely of players who have traveled to South Africa and have spent a period of fiduciary isolation apart from teammates who remained in Italy. Two of them are New Zealand’s Liam Mitchell and Timothy Paul O’Malley, both of whom arrived in Parma in the first half of November and are looking for their debut with Zebra. While the trocar would start from the bench, the former storm would be on the pitch from the first minute on the second row, ready to take over during the match.


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