Rugby. vaccine. Ban on 26 players and staff members from the field soon?

They are 98%. This statistic represents the proportion of players and members of the various elite staff to be vaccinated, according to the LNR’s Director General, Emmanuel Eschelier. Asked in a column for MIDI Olympics this week, he did not specify whether that percentage pertained to people who received two or three doses. He finishes by saying: “We continue to implement the protocol that came into force at the start of the season and which has already been developed twice. […] The last words of Jean Casteaux do not in any way threaten the organization of our matches, nor the reception of the public in the stadiums. In fact, it should be understood that the events of the European Cup have nothing to do with the top 14. What happened at the European level comes from relations between France and the United Kingdom and from controls for those who had to relocate. from one country to another. ,Rugby. The NRL is tightening its protocol against COVID-19 for non-vaccinated players!

But in an article published this Thursday 23 December, midolo latest highlights “resistant”, They would be 26 years old who would not have gone through the injection box. For the latter, the transition from health pass to vaccination pass can have serious consequences. Will they soon be denied access to sports venues? As bi-weekly, “League Steering Committee should meet early next week” so that it can be discussed. According to MIDI Olympus, there are other measures that can be taken. For example, we can see the advent of systematic tests to fight against the Omicron variant.Rugby.  covid vaccine?  Henry Slade doesn't want itRugby. covid vaccine? Henry Slade doesn’t want it

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As a reminder, many of the top 14 clubs had invested in the issue of vaccination. For example, Racing 92 converted its enclosure into a Vaccinodrome. Internally, other teams have had a chance to see that their workforce counts are no less reluctant. Stade Toulouse, Castres Olympique and Lyon Ou have all seen vaccination of their entire workforce. Several clubs had taken advantage of the conditions to receive the vaccine. Indeed, before the latter was accessible to all, categories deemed most delicate deserved it. This was especially the case for people with a BMI over 30, usually synonymous with obesity. A scale that however does not apply to oval ball friends. For example, most professional players revolve around this figure when some go far beyond it in the front line.

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