Rugby. Unusual: Pakistan team recruits foreign players of Pakistani origin

Rugby.  Unusual: Pakistan team recruits foreign players of Pakistani origin
The 95th country in the world, Pakistan recruits players of Pakistani origin. (© Pakistan Rugby Union)

do you know we play rugby too Pakistan, in “Pure Land”? and for good reason, pakistan rugby union is looking for foreign rugby players of Pakistani origin to represent the country of his birth and thus feed his national team, Rank 95th world nation (out of 109) in the ranking VishwaragbiJust ahead of countries like Rwanda, Costa Rica or the Bahamas.

“Be available for Asia Rugby Championship Division 2 from 29 May to 4 June”

In a publication posted on her social network, she details the eligibility and selection criteria for “wearing” Green and play for Pakistan.” Thus, applicants must be “Pakistani players based abroad”.There is evidence of Pakistani origin so that the World Rugby eligibility rules are fully respected. pakistan rugby union It also requires “experience of playing at club or university level” and, finally, being “available and ready to travel to Pakistan for preparation and competition in May-June 2022”. There is competition in questionAsia Rugby Championship Division 2 (3.)th Asian Division) which is returning in 2022 after a three-year absence.

What’s more, the promoted Pakistani, winner of the ARC Division 3 Center in 2019 . At the expense ofUzbekistanwill play this competition at home, because it will be in LahoreThe second largest city of Pakistan after Karachi. The “Green Shirts” (“Green Jersey”), as they are nicknamed, would therefore look for the top to maintain themselves at this level of competition. IAsia Rugby Championship Division 2 It will run from May 29 to June 4. There will be opposition in the semi-finals Pakistan (promoted, 95And) Feather Taiwan (exiled, 65And), As well as Thailand (75And) against China (promoted, 80And,

Several players have already answered the call, mostly Pakistanis from the larger community in the United Kingdom. Candidates desirous of donning the Pakistani jersey can contact the National Coach and Development Head of the Pakistan Rugby Union, Malik ShakeelOn WhatsApp (+923238481521).

“200 Pakistani players are employed by universities and departments”

The origin of rugby in Pakistan dates back to 1925When the Karachi Rugby Football Union was founded, but it was not 2000 The Pakistan Rugby Union was established as the representative of the sport in Pakistan. Currently, it is a full member of World Rugby, Asia Rugby, Pakistan Olympic Association and is recognized by the Pakistan Sports Board as the sport’s governing body.

The organization is working to develop the sport at a national level and is one of the most active associations in World Rugby’s ‘Get in Rugby’ mass participation programme. In addition to participating in various rugby events in Asia, it also organizes several national competitions for men and women at senior and age levels. Rugby is also part of the national sport in Pakistan, so Over 200 players are employed by universities and departments,

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