Rugby: Mauvezin will play climbing tomorrow

Tomorrow, RSM will find the club of Saint-Serre on its way. In the first leg, after a long journey north of the Lot department in wind and rain, captain Jerome Clermont’s team was successful and signed a 20 to 27 victory. For the rest, it was a climb for the RSM classification and taking pole position, which he never let go of and, for Lott Club, dropped to 8th place.

If RSM retains this spot tomorrow, it will enter Federal 3, in the national championship. The players of RSM will put all their might in the battle with the aim of victory. Flavian Masarotti, who has recovered from an ankle sprain, will return.

On the other hand, Pierre-Jean Riva, in fragility with a fractured phalanx, would remain on the sidelines. At Mauvezin, tomorrow at 2 pm and at 3:30 pm.

Rugby Day. Tomorrow, in Mauvezin, at the Marcel-Gillard stadium, it will be a rugby festival. At 10.30am, the former RSM will play a friendly against East Stade Toulouse. The pre-match meal will be served at 11:30. At 2 pm, the start of the match for the reserve teams of RSM and Saint-Serre. At 3:30 pm, A teams match. The appearance of a technical team from “France 3” has been announced for a sequel to the weekly Sunday morning show, “Raincontres XV”, with Jean Abilu. A band will bring the party to life.

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