Rugby. England is copying its neighbor and wants its own “JIFF” system

In our beautiful hexagon, good players are legions. But there was a time, the top 14 teams did not give them enough time to play and preferred to highlight their foreign stars. At least, this version has been put forward by various authorities in French rugby to justify the establishment of the JIFF. These players from the training areas have become the staples of French success. So, as the grass is always greener next door, England’s rugby has decided to do the same. Yet this is not due to a lack of knowledge about English turf or the reputation of their home players.Born and educated abroad, but gif: who are they and where do they come from?

according to this afternoon olympics, RFU, the English Rugby Union Federation have decided to create an EQP qualification. The latter means “English-qualified player” or qualified English player, as you might have guessed, in Molire’s language. Thus, 15 EQPs must be present on each Premiership match sheet from the 2024-2025 season. The English Federation commented on this option in a press release: “The decision of who can work in the UK is the decision of the government. However, player registration and classification rules are covered under RFU. Within the limits of English law, it is the decision of the RFU to determine who is classified as an overseas or non-foreign player.,Top 14/Pro D2.  Jiff: Who was the best student?  Who is exposed for return points?Top 14/Pro D2. Jiff: Who was the best student? Who is exposed for return points?

Unlike in France, this denomination would not apply to all players trained in the country, but in fact only to players of English nationality. While the criteria are yet to be determined, the RFU is taking advantage of Brexit to legislate what would have been impossible. In fact, racial equality directive on 19 July 2003 specifies that “Any direct or indirect discrimination on the basis of race or ethnic origin“Prohibited in the European Union. This law also applies to citizens of “third countryIn France, JIFF qualification is made upon the passing, or not, of a player in the training center for at least 3 years.

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