Rowan Williams, teacher of the Great British Back of Song

Rowan Williams, teacher of the Great British Back of Song

Great British Back Off lost one of its big characters last night because Rowan Williams was the music teacher at Bread Week.

In a comedy put-down, Paul described Hollywood soda bread as “eating a lemon rain cake in a sandstorm”.

And its tree-shaped showstopper is not marked as “all style and no substance”.

Thinking about his departure, Rowan, 55, said: “I feel very satisfied. I had a great time. It has been tedious, but very fruitful.

“But I don’t mind leaving. I felt like I went higher because I really tried my best with Shostupper. “

In terms of how the show changed his life, Rowan said it introduced him to Twitter and Facebook.

Teacher Rowan finished the show this evening

He faced harsh criticism from the judges

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He said: “I’m late on social media, but I’ll embrace the twenty-first century and enjoy my back-up experience and read funny comments. I was thrilled that the audience thought I was funny. “

“What’s nice is that real old friends and colleagues, even past students, keep in touch.

“I think GBBO has changed my life in many ways. It made me realize my passion for baking.

Contestants have entered Bread Week tonight

“I want to keep up with other unemployed people. Being a regular user on social media now, I am ashamed to keep in touch with everyone. It’s really fun. “

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