Ronnie Flex felt ‘cheated’ by record label

At the age of nineteen, Flex signed a contract with the society without knowing more about the business and without consulting a business representative. His spokesman said, “Top notch made him feel like a family. He had a very close relationship with the company.”

It was only after several years that Flex discovered the financial consequences of the contract he had signed. “He felt that he cheated and was deeply hurt. He feels that he has earned nothing for his hard work for eight years,” his manager said.

When Flex debuted about this on record label Top Notch, the two sides did not come to a new arrangement. This is why Flex did not want to renew the contract at the end of 2019. The fracture was not propagated in time. Top Notch announced on Thursday morning that it did not want to comment on the matter. The two sides still work sporadically together, but always on an occasional basis.

Flex posted several messages on Twitter from Wednesday to Thursday at night which he still supports, according to his manager. ‘I love hip hop and culture with all my heart, I gave you a hit. I have given your hits to other artists. I’ve given you everything … It’s a shame, I really mean it, ‘he wrote, among other things.

Top Notch has also reacted to the matter in the meantime. Vincent Patty, director of Opposite RTL Boulevard, says: “The exclusive collaboration between Ronnie and us really ended last year. Everyone at Top Notch thinks it’s a real shame because we see him as one of the best artists Believes what the Netherlands ever produced and was. Very proud to work for it. Sometimes you can’t agree with each other, even in a very long and successful relationship, unfortunately it happened. We don’t It seems fancy to talk about the details. As Ronnie knows, the door is always open here. “

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In the United Kingdom, there is much discussion about the unfair division of costs between major record labels and artists. Leading stars such as Paul McCartney and Kate Bush have appealed to Prime Minister Boris Johnson to enact good and fair legislation in the region.

Domestically, the top rung had broken ties with Bilal Wahib a month earlier. Crime reporter John van den Hevel thought it was quite hypocritical.

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