Ron Thomas Peskett answers our call and sends a picture of Lyon seen from space

He does it again and this time it’s right! French astronaut Thomas Pesquet recently posted a picture of Lyon seen from space on his Twitter account. fabulous!

With a hint of humor and self-mockery, the International Space Station (ISS) captain underlined that this time, he “did not take the wrong city”.

In 2017, during his last space mission, he had already sent a picture of Lyon. However, at first he confused the city of Rome.

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This time, it is only Leon who “ordered” Thomas Peskett to give him a new picture. On April 23, a week after take-off, the Lyon Metropolis publicity organization republished the 2017 photo with the message: “Thomas Peskett, will we have a chance to get another great photo?” A call relayed by Progress. The challenge was therefore brilliantly tackled for the French favorite astronaut.

But the capital of the Gauls is not the only one wanting its aerial shot. Many cities, officially or through Internet users or organizations, “order” it on social networks. Thus the city of Lille “challenged” the astronauts to send their picture seen from space.

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Astronauts will have to stay in space for 6 months, yet more pictures are yet to come. Especially since Thomas Pesquet likes to tell about his life on the ISS and share photos on these social networks.

During his previous mission, he had taken over 80,000 photos!

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