Rodrigo Chaves investment: Akhnouch expected this Sunday in Costa Rica

Aziz Akhnouch, head of government. Doctor

49. on the investment opportunity ofth The President of Costa Rica, Rodrigo Chaves, the head of government, Aziz Akhnouch, will attend the handover ceremony to be held at the Legislative Assembly’s headquarters in San Jose this Sunday.

More than a hundred international delegations, international organizations, representatives of indigenous populations as well as members of civil society will attend the event, during which Carlos Alvarado will hand over power after a 4-year term.

Participants include the King of Spain, Felipe VI, President Ivan Duque of Colombia, Luis Abinador of the Dominican Republic, Laurentino Cortijo of Panama and Vojosa Osmani Sadriu of Kosovo.

Foreign ministers, government officials and representatives from countries such as El Salvador, Guatemala, Cuba, Japan, the United Kingdom, Serbia, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, the United States, Ecuador and Peru will also be part of the ceremony.

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