Rodeo, chase… In the United Kingdom, police don’t hesitate to hit two wheels

Knock on two wheelers to end the chase. It is a brutal technique that was implemented by the British police in 2018 to fight against thefts of two-wheelers and people usually fleeing on scooters or motorbikes.

Images of these shocking arrests were circulated at the launch of this new brigade, which had been specially trained to avoid injuring pursuers or passersby. We see a police car approaching a two wheeler and apply brakes as soon as it approaches. As many examples show, drivers often end up on the hood of a police car, or even on the ground…

A technique that caused a lot of backlash across the channel, even among the police: some signaled their protest that the technique was against the law, as reported by the British daily . Guardian.

“Many Losses”

Robin Reda, Esson’s deputy (LR), co-responsible for an information mission on the 2018 law that made urban rodeos a crime, believes this technology “may sound appealing on paper but it’s not enough for many people.” presents damage”.

“By pursuing like this, we run the risk of crushing a passerby, endangering the person doing the rodeo, but also the police because this person may be armed or dangerous. The police don’t have an easy responsibility because it may fall on them,” he admits.

The deputy specifies that at present, “no one in France advocates this practice, the question being whether to do a better job of the investigation as well as the legal proceedings”.

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