Road transport: Vacancies to attract youth

It is not only in the post-Brexit UK that there is a shortage of carriers. if the other side lacks
Channel number hundreds of thousands of jobs, in France, the situation is hardly bright. According to the National Road Transport Federation (FNTR), 50,000 people are missing
To meet the needs of the region.

In Brittany, where 23,000 workers are already employed, the shortfall is “between 2,000 and 3,000 jobs”, estimated the federation’s regional representative, Anthony Roxell. Blame it on an unfavorable age pyramid, irreversible retirement, but also a lack of image. And it is not foreign drivers, who have formed a substantial workforce in France for a long time, who will fill the gap. “Their countries need them,” explains Anthony Roxelle.

A young person can start working after six weeks of training.

In fact, the road transport trade is a great resource for young people and job seekers, especially when training can be quite fast depending on the field of activity. “A young person can start working after receiving a permit after six weeks of training,” confirms Anthony Roxel. In Brittany, between 1,500 and 1,800 people are trained annually in the road transport trade, even though the health crisis has led to “a decline in the number of training courses and, therefore, a shortage of graduates upon leaving which exacerbates the personnel shortage.” .

wide range of businesses

Educational courses are also possible, such as a CAP driver for a freight road or a professional graduate driver for a road transport freight. Ultimately, holders of a professional bachelor can train units or become a technical manager in charge of managing a fleet or a team. He can also continue for a BTS in Transportation Management and Allied Logistics, or a professional license, which will take him into the management professions.

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Contrary to popular belief, the transportation business is not limited to drivers only. Requirements are important for recruiting forklift drivers, mechanics or logistics operators. Something to seduce those scared of the hellish speed and weeks away from home, often presented in the form of foils. A reality certainly, but which does not represent the entire profession. 75% of road freight transport takes place in less than 150 km. With the possibility of the driver returning home in the evening. Anthony Roxell says, “The transportation professions also face humiliated representation. Despite being a very attractive area, there is a feeling of contempt towards transport. A lot of progress has been made in terms of equipment, safety, comfort…”

new audience

The environmental side remains, which may make the younger generation concerned about climate change. “Road transport is only responsible for 6% of greenhouse gas emissions,” says Anthony Roxell. And in the face of increasingly stringent standards, investment on vehicles is enormous”.

Spending a few days in a company is the best way to see the daily life of the profession.

Removing this bad image of the road, appeals to the youngest people through communication and educational work. Partnering with Poole Employee on “Employment Week”, the branch works with training organizations … but what matters, says Anthony Roxell, is the immersion: “Spend a few days in a company with the daily routine of the profession. The best way to look at life.”

A profession that strives to become more feminine and open to new audiences, especially those with disabilities. In 2019, women accounted for 17% of the workforce in the road transport sector (goods and passengers). But only 9% in the goods sector.

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