Rivian, will the UK have the first European gigafactory?

rivian It appears to be in talks with several British ministers to build a New factory in Bristol city. According to some of the latest rumours, the American carmaker is in talks with ministers to build a new Gigafactory with the help of the state. There will also be a carmaker to support Rivian. Ford E great american giants Amazon.

In fact, we know that the Amazon-funded company may choose a construction site for the new plant. 250 hectare site. Not surprisingly, the acquisition of these places would be at the center of important discussions with the British government.

We reiterate that nothing has been finalized at this time and the future of the new project may depend on the actual assistance that the United Kingdom decides to provide to the American manufacturer. According to what was widely known, Rivian’s investment to build the new Gigafactory could be approx. 1.2 billion euros.

Let’s not forget that the Plymouth-based company currently only has one factory in the US and the target would seem to be to open one. second plant in America in which not only to produce vehicles, But drum for which a first european plant. The arrival in the United Kingdom could essentially give a major boost to the country’s electrification, which is set to halt the sale of endothermic cars, which Boris Johnson’s government has set out to do. 2030, initially estimating the estimated time from 10 years.

Should the Rivian project fail, the US automotive technology company will be ready to consider starting production Countries like Germany, Holland or Hungary. At the moment, however, we do not yet know which models will be made in Europe, but perhaps models imported to the Rivian old continent will still be produced in the United States.

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