Rita Ora again blocked the lockdown rules as she failed to separate after the Egyptian gig

Rita’s flying week has gone from bad to worse as it has been revealed that she broke the strict coronavirus rule for the second time.

They confronted him last month after he was forced to pay a 10,000 10,000 fine at a “pointless” event after photos of his showbiz friends invited him to his 30th birthday party.

After raising the eyebrows of many angry fans, Rita was forced to apologize to the public for her “excitement of the moment” bash.

It seems, however, that this was not the only rule that the pop star agreed to violate because it has now been revealed that he came by private jet to perform at the Fifth Star W Hotel in Cairo, Egypt, and failed. Isolate yourself after returning to the UK a day later.

Under current government rules, he should have kept himself isolated for 14 days when he returned home

Even Rita Ora posted from within the scene

Instead, Rita was spotted at Casa Cruise Restaurant in Notting Hill, London, on 26 November, where she had a big birthday bash during England’s second nationwide lockdown.

After the pictures emerged from her bash, excited fans appeared on social media and apologized to Rita.

Rita then went on to write on her Instagram story: “Hello all, I joined a small conference with some friends to celebrate my 30th birthday.

“We are coming out of the lockdown and it would be wrong to make a decision with this misguided attitude at the moment and I am deeply sorry for breaking the rules and as a result I understand that it has put people at risk.”

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Rita was forced to publicly apologize for her “excitement of the moment” Bashar but failed to mention her trip to Egypt

“It was a serious and inviolable error of judgment. After the ban, I realized how irresponsible these steps were and I took full responsibility.”

He added: “I am particularly embarrassed to get the first description of how people have worked so hard to fight this terrible disease and the sacrifices that people and businesses have made to help keep us all safe.

“Although it won’t fix it, I sincerely apologize.”

Rita has been caught in the lockdown for the second time

The singer offered a 10,000 10,000 fine for hosting this bash, but he failed to mention his trip to Egypt or break the second set of strict rules.

After the latest revelation of breaking her second lockdown rule by the Mail on Sunday, Rita has been forced to make another gruesome apology.

In a statement, he told the publication: “I recently went to Egypt to perform at a private company corporate, where my travel party followed protocol and presented a negative Covid test when entering as required by the Egyptian authorities.

Rita was spotted at the Casa Cruise restaurant in Notting Hill, London, on November 26, where she had a big birthday bash during England’s second nationwide lockdown.

“After returning to Britain, I should have followed the advice of the government and isolated myself for the required period of time. As you know, I did not follow the advice of the government and … I apologize again, unpaid.

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“When I realize that the apologetic words of a pop star can’t carry too much weight, especially for someone who has broken the rules like me, I realize that someone can follow my example.

“My message to them is simple: please don’t. The guilt and shame I felt this week for my mistake is worthless. Instead, listen to the government’s advice and the voices of NHS heroes and continue to take the necessary precautions.

Rita sold products that suggested people spread the virus at home

“I hope to one day make it to the public who have supported me so much over the years and especially to the heroes of the NHS … in the meantime I will donate my fees from Egypt to charity.

“Be better than me and learn from my mistakes so you don’t have to learn hard ways like yourself.

“Love, Rita.”

Under current government rules, he should have isolated himself for 14 days when he returned home from Egypt

Her latest Groveling apology comes after the event that hosted her lockdown-breaking birthday party followed by her bash with a one-star review.

It has reported that so many negative reviews people have posted outraged at what they have done that TripAdvisor had to close any new reviews.

Meanwhile, Rita is said to have launched her own investigation to find out who revealed the details of her 13th birthday celebrations.

Rita is reported to be feeling “humiliated” about her “breach of boundaries”

A source told The Sun that Rita Wagatha wants to follow in the footsteps of Colin Rooney, who is in a legal battle with Rebecca Bardi, dubbed the Christian trial.

It is said that Rita had a “game plan” to reveal her team.

The source said Rita felt “humiliated” about her “disclosure of the trespass” and agreed to pay a “10,000 10,000 fine” if issued.

The source suggested that “his closest relatives are coming to his ears” with the suggestion that it was someone present at his rally who was responsible for the leak.

After revealing the first lockdown violation, the singer apologizes to his fans.

They continued to say that the “guilty conscience” or “cut” for the final guest list, had probably betrayed him.

Police were seen trying to break into the Casa Cruise restaurant in Notting Hill, west London, as the party was going on inside on Saturday night.

Model Cara Delaving was seen among the guests arriving at the back door of the event.

The source further said that Rita seems to be “worn out” as the party is meant to be “confidential”.

Rita has sparked outrage among fans after organizing her party

He made sure no one “police and photographers knew it was happening” sure

Rita has been “created a game plan and set traps” in hopes of finding a whistle blower, as “Colin Wagatha did in Christian’s play”

Insulted Rita was removed from appearances on ITV’s Jonathan Ross show aired this weekend, and police reportedly took CCTV equipment from the restaurant after investigating alleged lockdown violations.

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