Rihanna declared her ‘national heroine’ as soon as Barbados became a republic

Rihanna has been announced as the most famous civilian singer of Barbados “National Heroine of Barbados” Monday, November 29, during the proclamation ceremony of the brand new Republic of the Caribbean island, already independent of the United Kingdom since 1966 but which officially bids farewell to Queen Elizabeth II. Relive that moment:

Already independent from the United Kingdom since 1966, Barbados, the easternmost island in the Caribbean about 300 kilometers from Venezuela, celebrated its transition to republican rule after nearly four centuries under British sovereignty.

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The singer and businesswoman, 33-years-old and born in Barbados, had already been awarded the title of Ambassador Plenipotentiary of the island state in 2018 to promote tourism, education and investment.

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rihanna a “The pursuit of excellence, with its creativity, its discipline and above all, with its extraordinary commitment to its native land, dreams of the whole world”Barbadian Prime Minister Mia Motley said before dignitaries gathered for the official ceremony in which the new president-elect, Sandra Mason, was sworn in in October.

“On behalf of a grateful nation, and even more so on behalf of a proud people, we present to you the national hero of Barbados, the man named Ambassador Robin Rihanna Fenty”Mia Motley Fool continued to invite R&B singers to join her.

Cricketer Garfield Sobers, Barbados’ only living national hero, hugged Rihanna, who, like most of the contestants, wore a black mask over her face. The Prime Minister said he would be honored with his new title on Wednesday.

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“You keep shining like a diamond”

“May you shine like a diamond and cover your country with honor with your words and actions”, she again pointed to one of the singer’s biggest hits, saying, « Diamonds » (2012).

Rihanna made a meteoric entry into the international music scene in 2003. She grew her high school successes into a vast empire in the fashion and beauty industries and her entrepreneurial talents made her superstar rich.

His income now exceeds that of superstars like Madonna and Beyoncé.

Why the Church of England … co-owns Rihanna and Beyoncé’s songs

He weighs $1.7 billion, making him one of the richest musicians on the planet, expert magazine Forbes announced in August. According to the magazine about 1.4 billion of her fortune comes from her makeup brand, Fenty Beauty, created in partnership with French luxury giant LVMH.

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And despite the fact that she hasn’t released an album since 2016, the singer is a huge influence online, with over 100 million followers on Instagram and Twitter.

The ceremony took place in the presence of Prince Charles who recognized “The Terrible Atrocities of Slavery” Due to which the island suffered during the British colonization. The ceremony was not open to the public, but curfews linked to the pandemic have been suspended so residents can enjoy the festivities.

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