Right to Repair, an ecological as well as an economic movement

(ETX Daily Up) — From the United States to Europe, manufacturers around the world are under increasing pressure to give consumers the right to repair their electronic devices.

In the United Kingdom, from July 1, 2021, manufacturers of electrical equipment are required to provide spare parts to their customers. The law still gives manufacturers two years to update from July 1. Current legislation only covers dishwashers, washing machines, refrigeration equipment, televisions and electronic screens. And no, electronic screens do not take into account smartphones, tablets and computers! In addition, manufacturers must be able to repair any equipment that is 10 years or less after it was marketed. At the moment, many companies offer repairs only by themselves or through authorized repairmen for a lot of money and wait times.

In recent times, this right to compensation has received quite a stir in Europe, but also in the United States. The European Commission announced in February its intention to establish a system for the repair of smartphones, tablets and laptops. On July 9, US President Joe Biden signed an executive order asking the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to establish rules allowing consumers to repair their electronic devices on their own terms. These rules are intended to promote competition in the economy in the United States.

Sharing information would be an infringement of intellectual property

In response to this decree, American companies say that they are afraid for their business. According to them, this sharing of information would infringe the intellectual property of their products. The second main argument would be that trying to repair a product or using it after a bad repair could harm independent repairmen.

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Consumers are more enthusiastic about the ecological impact of these bills. For many people, it is better for their economy and environment to extend the life of the equipment by allowing them to make simple repairs. Replacing the phone’s battery, laptop screen can be done from home instead of directly buying a new one. In addition to being able to repair items in our possession, this would reduce electronic waste, a real ecological moat.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak spoke on the topic in a cameo video: “It’s time to fully recognize the right to repair. Back in the day, when you were buying electronic items like televisions or radios, circuitry was a great way to go.” Every part and design included on paper. Totally open source! If you know what you’re doing… you can fix a lot of things for little cost. But it’s even more precious to know that you did it yourself did “. The right to repair electronic products in their entirety is a real issue, both ecological and economic. Over the years, giants have done everything to prevent consumers from repairing their products and encourage the purchase of a new product. End of an era?

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