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The best performance you have seen on TV

Michael Chickles in The Shield, this could be my favorite TV show. You could never have picked him up as a Maverick, complex, traumatic antihero before he took on the role of Chiclis detective Vic Mackie. But she is so attractive. The character is disgusting, yet somehow through his acting you still want Mack to get away from all the horrible things he has done in seven seasons. The show will not get the respect it deserves.

Listen to the show you hosted

Big Breakfast: It makes me want to be the presenter. I saw Johnny Vaughn and knew I wanted to be as good as him. It was a fun, lively, intimate show. You felt like you were part of something. My first gig on TV was working [Channel 4’s] RI: SE – a very pale imitation. My excitement of being there spread very fast when I realized I was there and it wasn’t very good. RI: SE wasn’t like getting up early, but Big Breakfast was.

Show that should never have been canceled …

Gareth Merenghi’s Dark Place – This is just six episodes of the culprit. The show is really crazy – it’s set up in a hospital built for hell on top of a portal. Gath Merenghi, starring the genius Matthew Holness, is a writer, dreamer and dreamer on a show in a show. There is an episode with Alien Broccoli Attack; Another is where the Scotch smoke comes down on top of the hospital. Marengi The Oz: Can Water Die? Wrote a book entitled. I am requesting someone who has not seen it do this and then start an application to reboot. I will use my own money to create the second series.

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… And the show should be canceled

Richard Osman’s House of Games. It’s very good, very fun, very clever and – very fun to be a part of – doing it yourself. Honestly, it’s perfect. It’s the kind of show I like to come up with. True, this is annoying. Just get rid of it.

Your favorite TV moment

Inherited by Kiran Kulkin

Inherited by Kiran Kulkin as Roman Roy. Photo: Peter Kramer / HBO

In the second season of Inheritance, when Roman Roy [Kieran Culkin] At his sister’s wedding. He knows his rocket is launching in China and goes to check how it went. He heads to the bathroom, pulls out his phone and sees it explode at takeoff. He slid his phone into his pocket and rejoined the party. Performance and arrogance are both perfect.

Your favorite show when you were 10 favorites

Black connector It felt very risky. One of my childhood memories was of my father almost suffocating in a mixture of horror and joy when we were having dinner with my grandparents and I quoted the baby-eating bishop of Bath and Wales as saying: “I will do anything: animals, vegetables or Mineral.This is a great line, but the 10 year old probably shouldn’t have said it.

You never turn down the role you want

About nine years ago, I was offered a role in a Peruvian feature film. The director – Alvaro Velarde – found me after watching old T4 clips online. He wanted me to go to Peru for his Spanish movies. Frankly, I can’t speak Spanish and I can’t act. I asked if this role was an English TV presenter and he did not say, I would be a Peruvian man dissatisfied with his wife and in love with the male owner of the hotel where he was staying. Velard was somehow convinced that I could be perfect. Daisy Haggard was cast as my wife; He was only asked to learn Spanish and bring his own shoes. In the end, we both pulled in, which I’m so sorry for.

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