Rexham takeover bid: Ryan Reynolds and Rob McLenney want to make the club a ‘global’ force. Arts and Arts News

Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McLenny have outlined their own bids for UK-based football club Rexham AFC.

Pairs Want to buy a Welsh club The van owners are from the Rexham Supporters Trust.

There will be a vote among the fans – which starts today – to decide that the Dead Pool and it should always be reined in the Sunny In Philadelphia actors football club.

Hollywood actors plan to invest in Welsh clubs
Hollywood actors plan to invest in Welsh Club to help it ‘win, win, win’

Formed in 1864, the club is the third oldest football team in the world and now competes in the National League – the fifth tier of the English Football League system.

The actors outlined their plans in a zoom call on Sunday and have since published a mission statement on the club’s website about their hopes.

Rob McHaleny
Rex McLenney hopes to win the support of Rexham AFC fans

In a statement, the pair announced they were interested in widening the club’s “global” level of appeal.

If voted on, they plan to increase the club’s staff to take advantage of “Rexham’s” increased interest “locally and internationally.

They also reaffirmed their desire to “win, win, win” and vowed to “always beat” arch-rival Chester.

The club also promised to “preserve the heritage”, strengthen the community’s “values, traditions and heritage” and reward the fans for their loyal support.

Reynolds and McLenney wrote in their club mission statement that they wanted to share a pint with supporters.
Reynolds and McLenney have said they would love to share a pint with supporters

The pair are committed to providing financial support to the club, investing in the future, assisting in reform and making their processes more environmentally friendly.

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They wrote: “We are two people who have made a career of not taking ourselves too seriously. But we understand that leading this great and grounded club is an incredibly serious matter and something we don’t take lightly.

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“In any other situation we would be in Rexham right now, looking around the racecourse grounds, personally leaving a pint with the supporters.

“But we all have other plans for 2020.

“We hope you trust us, because we will do this as long as you are with us, so that the world knows the name Rexham.”

More than 2,000 members are eligible to vote for the club’s future.

For Reynolds And for McLaughlin to win, at least three-quarters of fan membership approval will be required to apply for the RR McRinalds Company.

Voting starts today and ends November 15. A decision is expected the next day.

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