Returning from vacation, several thousand people searched for ‘breaking quarantine’

Returning from vacation, several thousand people searched for 'breaking quarantine'

The British returning from non-exempt countries must isolate themselves for 14 days (Photo: Getty Images)

Police across the UK are investigating thousands of people who have denied the possibility of self-separation after returning to the country.

Those returning home from destinations considered ‘unsafe’ need to be separated for 14 days.

Confusion has arisen this week after England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland took different positions on whether to add Greece or Portugal to their respective ‘red-lists’.

Health officials in England will check whether people have self-isolation as needed and if after several attempts no one responds, the Border Force will send their details to the police and an officer will make an inspection of them.

Passengers wear luggage at Terminal 4 at London Heathrow Airport in west London on 28 January 2020.

Border guards and health officials check to see if people are quarantining (Photo: AFP / Getty Images)

According to the Guardian, there have been more than a thousand such referrals among metropolitan police since the beginning of August.

The force has so far inspected 840 of these people and plans to contact another 310 potential quarantine-breakers.

Greater Manchester Police say it has received 233 referrals and has issued two fixed-penalty notices for repeated self-separation violations.

The force said it would look into the British if they failed to respond to three calls from Border Force or Public Health England officials.

Passengers depart from Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 on August 22, 2020 in London, England.  Passengers arriving in England from Austria, Croatia and Trinidad and Tobago had to separate themselves for 14 days by 4am on Saturday.

After several failed attempts to contact, police officers may be sent for a visit (Photo: Pictures at the Gate)

Emphasizing the importance of following the rules, Super Andrew Sidebotham said: “During this time you can spread the virus to others unknowingly, even if you have no symptoms.”

Avon and Somerset police and West Midlands police have already referred a number of cases to them.

Catherine Knox, a member of the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for the Emergency (SEJ), warned that the country would see a second wave of infection in the second phase of further contraction if people were not more vigilant and did not follow the rules.

Earlier today, the Department of Health said there had been 1,940 more Kovid-19 cases in the last 24 hours – the highest daily number since the girl.

Anonymous Age Shi Utsa told the Guardian: ‘With the return of schools and students in both higher education and post-secondary education, if we add a lot of new opportunities for communication like now, it is really inevitable that there will be growth.

The question is whether it could be included as a controlled epidemic or whether the infection would again widen the community.

‘I would say it’s original. Either we go to a place in winter where we feel confident that we have this problem in a string, or it is still a wild animal that we can’t control. I doubt it is the latter. ‘

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