Retrospectively going to an actual DeLorean auction for the future!

Back to the future Definitely one of the most iconic films of the 80s and throughout film history. After all, who didn’t see Marty McFly back in the 1950s, he meets his parents and brings them back? Marty then helped his friend Doc Brown out of a dalorian with the help of the machine, which made the car iconic. And one of those cars is now going under the hammer.

The DeLorean DMC-12 is a special car. Not only that, this car appeared in all three Back to the futureMovies, but the whole car is special. The DMC-12 was once designed by Giorgeto Guigiro, but was taken over by Lotus boss Colin Chapman. Although Chapman made its production models, the Delerian DMC-12 is actually little more than a very limited edition prototype. Only 9,000 copies were made.

The design of the car is still special. The gull-wing doors and the presence of stainless steel are characteristic of the DMC-12, as it is the only car incorporating these elements. So whether you think the car is beautiful or ugly, it is definitely special.

Photo: © Collectibles | Norte Blokland


The hammer that is now moving is in a special position. The current owner bought it in 2012, two years after the discovery. The car was still new, even with the original tires. The current owner brought the car from the United Kingdom to the Netherlands, where it covered a distance of 6,500 kilometers. But modifications were not necessary: ​​everything is still original, right below the working radio cassette. However, now is the time to part with it and find a new owner for it.

Dalorian DMC-12

Photo: © Collectibles | Norte Blokland

Those who can bid on the Collectables website where the car is auctioned. There you can bid on the car for three weeks, but you can also request additional information and schedule a viewing or inspection.

Photography: © Collectibles | Norte Blokland

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