Results of the competition for the Educational Robotics and Engineering Sciences Olympics

The results of the National Competition for Educational Robotics and the National Engineering Science Olympiad (2021 edition), organized by the Ministry of Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research last May, were unveiled.

The team, made up of Professor Hicham Jarmoumi from Omar ibn al-Khattab High School (Provincial Directorate of Gerada-Oriental), and two students, Viam Mahboobi and Ouima Taki, who finished first in the educational robotics competition, said on Monday. Ministry which launched this competition in partnership with Tavasol Association for Development of Technology. Second place went to another team from the Oriental region, which included Professor Zidoni Boujema and Kindi College High School (Provincial Directorate of Torrit) students Jafar Azuzzi and Hamza Makhoukhi. The team from the Beni Melal-Khenifra region, made up of Professor Saleh Mazoui and Al Iqama College High School students Mohamed Buazoui and Ryan Yasem of the Khuribaga Provincial Directorate, finished third.

Eight teams representing high schools from five regions qualified for the final phase of the 2021 season, the statement said.

For the final competition of the first edition of the National Engineering Sciences Olympiad, organized in cooperation with the Association of Teachers of Industrial Sciences in Morocco, three projects were awarded. This is the Automated Flow Manager project, from Abi al-Abbas al-Sebti High School of the Provincial Directorate of Marrakech, which took first place, supervised by a team of students Marouane Karaoui, Othman al-Bachha and Ahmed Tarraf. by Professor Abdeltif Hafeet.

Second place was won by Al-Khawarizmi High School in the provincial direction of Safi for its Robot Explorer project, with a team under the supervision of students Ghalia Al-Kassouni and Rania Bounsir and student Mohamed Amin Lahin. Professor Yusuf Al-Fahm. Tamayoj High School in Bengueir (Ramana Provincial Directorate), came in third place for its Smart Farm project, with a team of students Ayman Jaran, Abderrahman Boukhad and Yasin Ikram, supervised by Professor Said Arzoom.

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Ten teams representing qualifying high schools from the four regions participated in the competition. Each team is made up of three students and one supervisor from among engineering science professors.

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