Respawn stops selling the game, but retains multiplayer servers

The popular first-person shooter Titanfall, released in 2014, will not be available for sale as of today. Respawn Entertainment has also announced that it will be ending subscription services soon, but the studio is keeping the multiplayer servers active.

After more than 7 years of existence, Titanfall officially bowed out, The multiplayer game that revolutionized the FPS genre with its ultra dynamic gameplay will no longer be available for sale starting today, Thursday, December 2, 2021. If you already have it in your library, you’ll be able to play it for so long. Almost exactly as you want.

Titanfall – Credits: Electronic Arts

Respawn Entertainment Studios has also announced that it is maintaining Active Multiplayer Servers, At least for the moment. So we don’t know the date on which they will be closed permanently. The Titanfall franchise brought Respawn Entertainment to the studio we know it today. Respawn is now primarily working on the free-to-play Apex Legends Battle Royale, which according to a study is the most inclusive video game ever.

“Titanfall is in our DNA”: Respawn Will he prepare the third composition?

Respawn shared the bad news on Twitter just hours ago. , Titanfall is in our DNA in Respawn. It’s a game that showed the studio’s ambitions when it was first released 7 years ago and continues to be a beacon of innovation that we want to achieve in all of our games. ,

is titanfall not available for sale today and make it 1. will be withdrawn from subscription services such as Xbox Game PassIs March 2022. Luckily, the developers have confirmed that the multiplayer servers will remain open. This is even more important as Titanfall has no campaign as it has always focused competitive multiplayer, Of course, someday the servers will shut down, but that isn’t there yet. As the response clarified, Although we will keep the servers open for fans who continue to play ,

Lastly, Respawn hasn’t confirmed the third installment of the franchise To succeed Titanfall 2 released in 2016. The studio’s announcement nonetheless indicates that the franchise has not been abandoned, even though developers are currently focusing on Apex Legends which is directly inspired by Titanfall’s universe.

Source: The Verge

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