Respawn is reportedly working on a singleplayer FPS with an emphasis on dynamics and style

According to a new report, Respawn Entertainment is currently working on a single-player first-person shooter focused on dynamics and genre — but before the irreversible excitement sets in, it’s claimed the project will not be a sequel to Titanfall. Will be

The report follows Respawn’s creative director Mohamed Allawi’s recent announcement that he is leaving the studio 11 years later to pursue his “next adventure”. Allawi is leading the development of a “brand new solo adventure” at the company, which was mentioned in a job posting last year, and news of his departure has given some thought to the fate of the project. ,

However, according to VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb, there is no cause for alarm; Work on the mysterious project — which is being developed with Apex Legends and the sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order — will continue without Alvi, and Grubb shared some additional details about the title as part of his report. Did it

Apex Legends: Escape – Launch Trailer.

According to Grubb’s sources, Respawn’s single-player adventure, which reportedly has triple-A ambitions, will see the studio once again revisit the first-person shooter genre, with its designers describing “dynamics” and “style” There is heavy emphasis on guide assistant principles.

However, while that detail may immediately conjure up images of a certain beloved Respawn franchise that fans have been hoping to see a return to for years — and which Apex Legends has been referencing with increasing regularity lately — Grubb immediately quelled expectations. destroys it. The studio previously insisted) the new project will not be a sequel to Titanfall.

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Unfortunately, it may be some time before the developer is ready to reveal what their latest title is. Will happen to happen; Grubb says that Respawn is still prototyping concepts for the game and will continue to do so next year. Only after that the work of making it the final product will start.

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