Resident fears expansion of pedal areas in Veldstraat: “He … (Brecht)

The TC Ter Breme has two paddle fields, but they seem to be unlicensed. They were already with the previous manager, but the new manager and owner would not have been aware of the lack of permits. “An application has now been submitted for regularization for these two regions,” says sports alderman Charlotte Byers (N-VA). “The owner wants four paddle fields in the future. The application has not yet been declared acceptable. A public inquiry is underway and we are still waiting for the urban planning.

The neighborhood isn’t set up with it in the least. “We have been living here for 24 years. The tennis club already existed when we came here, but it was small and had no indoor courts. The season didn’t start until Easter,” says Vivian Becks. Her garden is thirty meters from the fields. In the middle is an open meadow with horses and cows. “Ever since the tennis balloon arrived, the club has been around for winter and winter. open for summer. Over the years, we’ve actually had more trouble with parties than tennis itself until the early hours. ”

Vivian Bax has been living behind TC Ter Brem in Brecht for 24 years. His garden is 30 meters from the paddle court. Due to this she is troubled day by day. © Elke Lamenso

But for three years, it has become a problem for the residents here. “In the beginning there was a paddle field and after a while there was a second. Paddle was played from morning till midnight. The ball bounces faster than tennis, especially when it hits the cage and the strings above it. By the way, that wire came because the balls regularly went over the neighbors’ cages. ”

noise disturbance?

Vivian had pinned his hopes on the new manager since last year. “We have emailed and called several times, but little changed. We have complained about this to the municipality many times. But everywhere we were blunt. It has a limit in other municipalities, why is it not possible here? We have Called the police thrice as well, but surprisingly it is not covered by the GAS law on noise pollution. Finally we went to the province. It is very nerve-wracking.”

Meanwhile, party leader Patrick Van Asche (Vlaams Belang) also took issue with the city council: “The game has been going on for months in unlicensed areas. It is crazy to word that such an area is called a licensed area.” lesser conditions than that have to be fulfilled”.

“Pedal fields are covered under normal arrangements and noises after 10 o’clock cannot cause nuisance. We have already conveyed this to the owners and they stand by it. There are no rules regarding paddle fields yet , but we are prepared to put in place a framework with the conditions that we want to apply.” Since then, no more games have been played after 10 p.m., Bax also confirms.

Recreation Area

The tennis club has been located in Veldstraat in the middle of residential houses since 1984. “However, the tennis club itself is located in a recreation area, which was colored on the regional plan at the time. So we can’t really rule it out, although I don’t want to be prejudiced about the board’s decision. We are in the neighborhood. We are aware of the noise and also have to sit with the owner. A noise barrier may be imposed. As a municipality, we are authorized to do so and therefore we may also impose operational restrictions.”

The public awareness will continue till August 1. The file is available for inspection by the Department of Environment by appointment. Objections and comments may be submitted by letter to the College of Mayors and Aldermen or through the Environment Counter at (He)

Environment Department, Municipal Park 1, 2960 Brechto

You can see the paddle cage from Vivian's garden.

You can see the paddle cage from Vivian’s garden. © Elke Lamenso

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