Resident Evil Village – Origin of Lady Dimitrescu, the new character of the series is already a symbol

Talking about Lady Dimitrescu never stops! Two-meter ninety-one woman has seized the canvas since the last trailer aired Resident evil village. Today, through an interview with the IGN site, the artistic director of this canonical eighth episode of Capcom’s horror game series revealed his inspirations.

Tomonori Takano is thus cast upon the origin of this already iconic character. The team’s desire was to create a profile of a “disloyal vampire”. Three distinguished women have been chosen as the main models. The first is none other than Anjelica Huston in the role of Morticia Adams in 1991, which introduces her to the general public. In another register, Hashku-sama is the famous Japanese urban legend, played on choices made by the studio. She is believed to be a giant female form to attempt the lives of young men. Finally, the 16th century serial killer Elizabeth Bathory inspired the creation of Lady Dimitrescu.

Morticia-Angelica-Huston Elizabeth-bathori-lady-dimitrescu

At the beginning of the project, we decided to go for a vampire and a castle. However, we did not want to be forced to portray vampires as they are currently in a lot of entertainment.

The very first concept art was me for the scene in the trailer where Lady Dimitrescu bends down to go through the door. From that moment on, I knew that I would have to make this scene.

It is true that Lady Dimitrescu is very different from the usual depiction of vampires. Apart from her size, the woman in the hat is of attractive elegance. Even when it does skin on you, it will remain classy and dignified. This is clearly intended by the developers. Tanako explains that he did not want to take just the basics of a Gothic beauty. He and the team therefore decided to incorporate elements inspired by the Great Depression period.

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Capcom aims to Maintain a form of artistic continuity Resident evil 7 Trying to think outside the box of horror games. As the longtime producer on the series, Xu Takeuchi puts it “Think beyond the stereotype of zombies”. In view of the popular response, the visual choices of Japanese developers appear to be successful. See May 7 to find handheld controller Resident evil village Which promises to be one of the major sports of 2021 this year.

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