Resident Evil Village is already available in select countries

If you can’t wait to adopt the Resident Evil Village Adventure, beware of spoilers. Actually, copies of the game are already in circulation in some European countries and pictures of it are shared on social networks.

By making the Resident Evil Village demo available, we thought Capcom would make the players wait. It is clear that some impatient people could not bring themselves to it and have already got their hands on the physical versions of the titles. On Twitter, images from the PlayStation 5 version are already circulating, including the cover of this new opus.

If, as it stands, these pictures are not too annoying, then the availability of commercial versions is feared to have leaked the game landscape in the future. “Is at stake, but little is known.” More surprising is that we are waiting in the village, some unscrupulous players may decide to spoil them by sharing extracts from their games on the web.

So be cautious, especially on social networks. Capcom undoubtedly adapts to the situation and is quick to remove videos hosted on YouTube. But it can spread quickly and take away any pleasure from discovery. you have been warned!

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