Researchers have found where all the remaining water is hidden

There was a lot of water on Mars. Astronomers are convinced of this. But perhaps we should say this: There is always a lot of water on the red planet. Because, according to new data, billions of years ago, abundant water from Mars is trapped in the planet’s crust.

Mars today appears to us as a desert world. But, he Astronomers It is estimated that water flowed in abundance on the red planet billions of years ago. So much so that the entire planet could be covered by about 100 to 1,500 meters of deep sea. Equivalent to half of our Atlantic Ocean. And to explain the disappearance of this water, researchers usually blame the weak Gravity Who rules Mars. It only allowed water to escape into space.

However, new data suggests that this phenomenon “Atmospheric leakage” Disappeared from the water that is mostly unaccounted for Surface of mars. Conversely, they suggest that there is still between 30 and 99% of the water flowing in the past on the red planet. trapped in Minerals Mangal’s crust.

To come to this conclusion, Researchers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech, United States) Cross-referenced data collected by many Mars mission From NASA. He also compared them to observations Binoculars And laboratory work Meteorite. His idea: to study the amount of water on Mars, regardless of its form (vapor), Liquid or The gas) Chemical composition over timeAtmosphere And the crust of the red planet.

Lack of recycling

This is more accurately the deuterium ratio Hydrogen Who put a chip in their ears. Remember that deuterium is a heavy form of hydrogen. Therefore the tendency of a planet to escape from the atmosphere is less due to lack of gravity as compared to hydrogen. In fact, if a planet loses water Via Its upper atmosphere leaves a telltale sign on the process report Deuterium On the hydrogen of the said atmosphere. It will focus more and more on deuterium “Simple”, Or 0.02%.

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However, the hydrogen ratio measured by astronomers and by the Hypothesis is not consistent with the large amount of water flowing into Mars in the past. And, according to researchers, the current state of Mars can only be explained by considering that water is trapped in the minerals in its crust.

Even on earth, water is trapped by rocks. In the form of’Clay Or other hydrated minerals. But old lady Earth’s crust Melts continuously Coat And creates a new layer on the edges of Tectonic plates, Water recycling – and others Molecules – in the environment Volcano. On the other hand, no tectonic plates imbalance on Mars “Drying up” Of the surface. Researchers are now eagerly awaiting the information that will be provided to them Firmness, To Itinerant From NASA which landed on Mars a month ago.

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