Research has shown that shoes with ‘foot springs’ can increase the risk of injury Science

They may feel comfortable, but wearing shoes that are curved upwards can weaken your leg muscles and increase your risk of injury.

This curvature, known as “spring on the chest of the feet”, is a common feature of many shoes, especially trainers. This helps the front of the foot to turn forward when walking or jogging, increasing the comfort of dense and cushioned surfaces. However, despite their ubiquity, the effects of toe springs on our foot muscles have not yet been well studied.

Freddie Scitting and his colleagues at Chemnitz University of Technology in Germany used cameras and sensors to measure the force on the feet of 13 volunteers who walked barefoot on a treadmill and wore toe spring sandals on various feet.

They found that the higher the ward upward curvature, the less work the leg muscles had to do. “We think that’s why spring shoes are so comfortable,” said Sichting, whose research was published in the journal Scientific Reports. “When you lift your ankle up and move forward, the leg muscles have to do less work to stabilize the toe joint.”

Yet this comfort can come at a cost: although the study did not measure the long-term effects of foot aging, it is suspected that, over time, the muscles may weaken to the point where other structures of the foot, such as the ligaments, take over. Lastly it can increase sensitivity in situations like plantar fasciitis, where the band of tissue that supports the arch of the foot becomes swollen, resulting in severe heel and arch pain.

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Travar Pryor, a senior clinical lecturer at Queen Mary University in London and a spokesman for the College of Pediatrics, said: ”

However, he emphasized that reducing muscle strength and the risk of injury remained theoretical. Even so, Pryor recommends wearing a variety of footwear to minimize any negative impact on the design time of a particular shoe.

This is also the technique of stitching: “I use all kinds of shoes but I also wear barefoot shoes. Our feet have evolved to walk barefoot over millions of years and modern shoes with soles, jigs and arch supports are very recent. They offer comfort, but I downside I’m also aware of that, so I try to train my leg muscles regularly. “

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