Report of racism in Great Britain: Opposition accused Boris Johnson of whitewashing

A Commission appointed by the UK Government has given excellent evidence for ethnic minority equality to the country. Other countries with a white majority population in Europe and elsewhere should follow this example, the report said in a statement, which was presented on Wednesday.

It stated in the introduction, “Put simply, we no longer see Britain in which the system is deliberately directed against ethnic minorities.” The allegation that racism is still institutionally anchored in Great Britain does not stand for verification of the facts, writes the responsible “Race and Ethnic Dispensation Commission”. Prime Minister Boris Johnson called the report an “important task”.

Criticism of scientists and politicians

Opposition and civil rights activists, however, sharply criticized the study. Labor leader Keir Starr and Halima Begum, head of the Runnemade Trust, spoke of a whitewash, a think tank for equality issues.

Kehinde Andrews, a professor of black studies at the University of Birmingham, described the report as a government “public relations” campaign that refutes the evidence. Andrews said in an interview with the UK news agency PA, “justifies telling people that we don’t need to do anything, we don’t need to worry.” Black Labor MP David Lamy called the report “an insult to someone experiencing institutional racism in this country”.

Since Meghan’s interview, racism has been on the rise in Great Britain

Johnson began the study after protests against racism in the Black Lives Matter movement. Tens of people took to the streets last summer in Great Britain following the assassination of African American George Floyd in a police operation in the United States. There, discussions about racism in society have recently surfaced due to accusations of Prince Harry’s wife Meghan against the royal family.

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According to the report, various minorities in the UK are now more successful than the average white majority in achieving formal educational goals. This applies, for example, to students with roots in India, Bangladesh and Africa. Only children with Caribbean roots do worse on average than their white classmates.

The country has also made considerable progress in the field of work. According to the report, the pay gap between the white majority population and ethnic minorities is now only 2.3 percent, and there is no significant difference between those under 30 years of age.

One of the findings of the study was that within the white majority population, to some extent their social status was very much implicated. The Commission therefore called for compensatory measures to focus less on individual ethnic groups in the future. Instead, more work must be done to remove barriers for all.

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