Renowned virologists comment on the effectiveness of a study published in the UK

Burioni Vaccine Variants

Two doses of covid vaccine are more effective against covid variants than just one. It was analyzed by Roberto Burioni, a virologist at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan. In an in-depth study written on the Medical Facts portal, Burioni analyzed the results of a study published in the journal “The Lancet.” From this investigation it emerged that the first dose responds well against the virus in its original variant, while the second dose would be able to guarantee a good response against the variant, especially the Brazilian variant and the Indian variant. This may explain what may have happened to the infection curve in the United Kingdom in recent times despite the high number of people vaccinated on British soil.

Burioni Vaccine Variant, “Two doses neutralize all variants”

“With two doses, antibodies are induced that neutralize all forms of Sars-CoV-2”, according to virologist at Vita-Salute San Raffaele University Roberto Burioni, who on its Medical Facts portal A study published on the website “The Lancet” commented on data found that would suggest that the administration of two doses of the Pfizer vaccine could be very effective against the spread of covid variants: “Obviously there are limitations to this work: The ability of the vaccinated serum to neutralize the virus is analyzed and, as important, it is not the only thing that protects”, declared the virologist.

Burioni vaccine variant, investigation of sera of 250 patients

Roberto Burioni continued In their analysis starting with the sera of 250 patients. Burioni announced, “After the first dose and after the second dose of Pfizer vaccine, sera of 250 patients were taken and assessed whether the antibodies induced by the vaccination (one or two doses) were able to neutralize the various viral variants. ” . The virologist also highlighted how we should be the first to be optimistic.

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Burioni Vaccine Variants, Question Complicated

Finally Burioni concluded the study by talking about how the question related to variants is not easy to understand. “As you can see, different questions it’s too complicated, and it should not be discussed on Twitter or Facebook, but in scientific journals where opinions are qualified”. In conclusion, the virologist explained: “But it is a remarkable idea, which reiterates that vaccination with a single dose was not an idea without contraindications, as someone suggested several months earlier”.

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