Rendez-vous, a podcast that celebrates French culture and language

Learning French while having fun is at the heart of the new Rendez-vous podcast. Launched in March 2022, the latter already totals between 3,000 and 5,000 plays per episode on Spotify and has garnered over 10 million views across various social networks., “It’s a great start, we’re very happy. And we look forward to continuing this momentum as we target 10,000.0 plays per episode! Podcast co-producer Alexandre Durand explains.

The idea of ​​this new format: Help people understand the cultural differences between France and the United States when teaching French “. The weekly episodes are 25-45 minutes long and cut in the same way. A guest appearance, followed by one-on-one discussions on culture conflicts and country differences.” In the end, the guest learns the language. An American tries French or a French takes English Alexandre Durand explains. And to add: To participate, you must have a link with France, be interested in, love it or want to learn the language. ,

distinguished guests

The episode has till now given the floor to recognized public figures. Among them, actor Romain Bonnet in the Netflix series selling flaxT, Pierre Abena, model, Tommy Winkler, food critic, or Philippe tienne, French ambassador to the United States. Alexandre Durand does not hide his ambition to invite as many dignitaries as possible. “On wants to become an international reference for podcasts on French culture and guests should be as famous as David Guetta, Kylian Mbappe, Marion Cotillard or Emmanuel Macron! ,

, The main target is the US, but we’ve already had guests in London and if it works out well, we’ll be targeting the United Kingdom as well He announces. The international business and marketing student came to the United States at the age of 17 to play football at an American university. After two years in Ohio, two in Wisconsin and a few months in Los Angeles, he is about to join a university in Virginia, where he will pursue his MBA.

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Tim Curtet (with bottle) and Alexandre Durand (with baguette), co-producers of the Rendez-Vous podcast

Promoting France for Young People

Since his arrival on American soil, Alexandre Durand has been the ambassador of French culture. In June 2020, he founded with a friend who studied the platform etfrenchies which provides formulas for learning French. His proverb? let’s teach the world french, their ways? Humor on social networks. A recipe that works with video quickly reaches two million subscribers on the network TIC Toc,

This is how videographer and pilot Tim Curty discovered Alexander’s work and asked him to create appointment, The duo leverages the large audience they have achieved with the AtFranchise platform to launch themselves. Currently produced in an exclusive studio in Los Angeles, the two Frenchmen now plan to arm themselves to produce the episodes. The first step towards many future projects.

On the program: Visits to major consulates ” to meet as many people as possible potential interest by what we offer , , A road-trip that runs through Villa Albertine ” either ” Cooperation with the French Embassy in Washington “. Alexandre Durand hopes to capture a younger audience and inspire as many as he did. What is he expecting?” Give France a taste of America and Americans a taste of France! ,

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