Removing the building mechanic left Fortnite fans divided

Fortnite’s latest update removes building from the game. Many are already worried that this coveted mechanic will never return.

Chapter 3 Season 2 Updates fortnite Feather temporarily removed the build mechanism Battle royale game. This quickly divided fans of the game.

A main feature of Fortnite

The ability to gather resources and use them to build massive defensive structures defined the game of fortnite, The game’s cartoonish graphics and fast-paced combat have already set it apart from other titles like PUBG. Nevertheless, it is building system who really stood out fortnite of its other rivals.

building Defined Fortnite, but it hasn’t always been the title’s most popular feature. Some players see this as a feature to separate good and bad players. others see it as a feature that obscures basic experience, Thus, she can alienate anyone in search of pure warfare.

It is the latter group that has been the most vocal in recent years. Skill gap between experienced players of fortnite And all others, are only expanding. Popular theory holds that it is in the interest of Epic GamesIgnore construction enthusiasts, In fact, the studio has decided to accede to their requests with their recent update.

remove build functionality

latest update of fortnite the fact that the diabolical doctor sloan has Removed all building materials from the world, So there is no way to build structure in this game. The idea is to inspire players to work together to defeat Doctor Sloan. They would thus be able to restore the possibility of creation in the universe fortnite,

The concern is that players of fortnite are anything but united. While most fans don’t like this takedown, some have found that they prefer the buildless game more. new feeling Appeal to many players It is also long time amateurs who have succumbed to its allure fortnite without construction.

Fortnite is not designed to fully support a “build-less” style of play, Epic certainly has the resources to turn it into a different mode, but will it serve their interests? However, it’s funny to see one of the world’s largest player bases debating this. Is it time to get rid of the game or revamp its core mechanics?

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