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Will Max Payne 4 be developed by Rockstar? Official announcements are non-existent, job offers do not prove anything but fans can expect to see the fourth installment in the Max Payne series. Here is an update on all the rumors and some The leak A Max Payne 4 Mentioned!

Is the license 100% taken by Rockstar, which was responsible for the first two episodes of the version and not the development? It was actually Remedy who was the head of the project, and the studio is now flying with his wings on his projects: control, and the very possible Alan Wake 2!

Max Payne 4: Release date in second half of decade 2020-2030?

If a Max Payne 4 existed, it is not until 2025 that we will hear about it!

For now, nothing has been officially informed about the possible Max Payne ४. Yet a studio never stalls as a rockstar with more than 10 branches worldwide. Latest title published, GTA 5 and its next-gen version were considered a new game, And Red dead redemption II, Took a long time to develop.

Rockstar is not really known for speed or quantity, but for quality. And is expected Gta 6, Bully 2Famous project Agent And why not The remains From GTA San Andreas and GTA 4, where a project-like place Max Payne ४ In the calendar

Max Payne 4 Development by Rockstar and Remedy

Very little information attests to the existence of Max Payon 4, even on the draft stage. Remedy Studios, previously developing 2 games and advising on 3, its director hinted Sam Lake The light of day can be seen in such a sequel… but it was all a coincidence.

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In 2017, we learned that:

From a producer’s point of view, it’s nice to know that we sold the license after the first installment, and a portion of the deal was included in the second episode. So I knew that in all probability this was our last Max Payne. […] But who knows, if a Max Payne 4 came out, I am sure there could be some good releases.

Since then, nothing has progressed and Rockstar, who now owns the franchise, has several other games to consider before this sequel to Max Payne. And just when all hope is lost The same Sam Lake mentioned above who posted a picture of an entire script for Remedy’s next big game… towards an announcement in E3 2021?

Max Payne 4 Gameplay: Open World, More Humble and Original Games Like La Noire?

Max Payne’s specialty in the Rockstar catalog is to be an action shooter with lots of mechanics appreciated by fans, and not found in other titles. bullet Time, For example, will have to return Max Payne ४, Where a big open world is expected now Open world Around the story.

According to many players, the only direction that can take the game seriouslyA less linear title, offering a multiplayer mode slightly higher than the Max Payne 3.

To make it all work, we have to imagine a more humble game, based on some very well-initiated mechanics, as La Noire has done and as little indie games show interest: Superhot and its Genre Slow motion Hit the nail on the head, why not Max Payne 4.

In addition, Rockstar Hotline can also go out of its comfort zone using the odd mode seen in Miami, so offering one Shooter Top-down … it’s just coming back in fashion!

Max Payne 4: PS4, PS5, PC … Which platforms are there for this next game?

With such distance and conjecture, it is difficult to imagine which platforms would support the game. No doubt Older generation At the time of writing these words (PS4, Xbox One) will no longer be affected, and perhaps Next Generation The PS5 and Xbox Series X will also be outdated. Will the next PS5 Pro fill the General Leap … or should we think about the PS6 in advance?

One thing is certain: As per the progress of Rockstar graphics engine, a brilliant game is capable of developing. The anger. Just think what can it look like Red Dead Redemption 3’s Open World !

In addition to the console, a PC release is quite possible, if indeed a sequel to Max Payne is planned.

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