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The seventh installment of Mission Impossible will kick off normally at the end of the year 2021. So far, we know little about this spy feature film that we hope it is different. We will update this article regularly to stay updated with the latest information of this article.

Following the critical and commercial success of Mission Impossible 6: Fallout, we look forward to exploring the continuation of the adventures of Agent Ethan Hunt. Let us rejoice since the seventh chapter, finally pointing to the tip of our nose in 2021. in between, Here is everything you need to know about Mission Impossible 7.

Mission Impossible 7: A Complicated Shoot

Mission Impossible 7 is still in production. In the making, we already find Christopher McQuarrie at the top of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (2015) and Mission Impossible: Fallout. He started working on the project especially in October 2019 when it was announced that he would be directing the film and would also take care of the script. Filming eventually began a few months later but was abruptly stopped.

And for good reason, the coronovirus epidemic was already beginning to wreak havoc at the time, so that the team had to stop its activities. Scenes were also being filmed in Italy, particularly Kovid-19-affected country. To save time, the team continued to work in the UK. Tom Cruise has performed a motorcycle stunt on a British track already used for the Top Gear series. Proof that the actor did not steal his Hollywood daring nickname.

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Traditional filming finally resumed last September. After making the leap to Norway, the actor returned to Italy. But the shooting had to be interrupted on October 26, 2020, with 12 people positive for Kovid. In December, when the team is meeting in London, Tom Cruise made a big push on the set of Mission Impossible 7, some not honoring the coronovirus barrier gestures. Note that an eighth of Mission Impossible will not eventually be shot in Wake as it was originally planned.

Tom Cruise: Mission Impossible 7

Mission Impossible 7: When will it be released?

Your mission, if you accept it: to succeed in waiting for a few more months. Despite the delay due to the epidemic, the feature film should still hit the big screen soon. Mission Impossible 7 will be released in theaters on November 19, 2021. Three years after its predecessor, Mission Impossible: Fallout.

Big news: Mission Impossible 7 will appear on the Paramount + streaming platform 45 days after it arrives in theaters. A hybrid release is completely in line with the time when we know that Warner will simultaneously release all of its 2021 films in cinemas and on VBO Max. Note that Mission Impossible 8 was scheduled for 4 November 2022. While there is a good chance that it will be postponed indefinitely, filming has still not begun.

Mission Impossible 7: Which Cast?

You will understand, Tom Cruise will be featured in Mission Impossible 7. Il will play the role of Ethan Hunt again after playing him in the other six films in the franchise. In other words, actors and agents of the Force Mission Impossible (IMF) are virtually inseparable. Anyway, we hope Tom Cruise will take care of his acting and offer us a Dantesque stunt. The hope is that his impressive CV will be allowed.

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He will respond to Rebecca Ferguson aka Ilsa Faust in Blockbuster. We saw this specifically in the previous section. It would also be necessary to rely on Wing Rams wearing the costumes of Euther Hunt’s closest friend, Luther Stickel. An experienced technician, he appears to be the most loyal member of the IMF, thus it has been present since the first stages of the franchise.

In addition, Simon Pegg (Benji Dunn) Vanessa Kirby (Alana Mitsopolis) will also be part of the feature film. Like Henry Cajarni who will play the role of Eugene Kittridge, former IMF director. His last appearance in Saga appears in the film back in 1996 by Brian De Palma. Finally, after the departure of Nicholas Hult, it is finally SE Morales who played the big bad in Mission Impossible 7.

Mission Impossible 7: What conspiracy?

Regarding the story of Mission Impossible 7, no information has reached our ears at the moment. Official synopsis is likely to be revealed soon. Anyway, we will update this section as we know more!

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