Regular talks between Boris Johnson and Ursula von der Lane end trade talks

Regular talks between Boris Johnson and Ursula von der Lane end trade talks

THe will open a new headquarters in Torres, Leeds, with the aim of providing a “blue wall” zone that voted for Boris Johnson in the last election, the party’s virtual conference said.

Several seats in parts of the North of England, the Midlands and Wales voted for the Conservatives, some of whom, for the first time in their history, gave the Prime Minister a landslide victory in the 2012 general election.

With the announcement that staff will be transferred to Leeds to focus on the region, party vice-president Amanda Milling is preparing to begin the Tory conference on Saturday.

“We are determined to demonstrate our commitment to the Blue Wall seats,” Ms. Milling is expected to say.

“That’s why I’m excited to announce that the CDCHQ (Conservative Campaign HQ) will open a headquarters in Leeds. This new headquarters will provide a team at the center of the Blue Wall because we’ve been there for so long.

“We are firmly committed to making the blue wall part of our team and part of the fabric of our country. We need to provide the best way for the people there.”

The party said the goal was to open the headquarters next year.

Its current base is on Matthew Parker Street, near Westminster.

Ames Milling is ready to add: “Leeds is a key part of our plan to better build for the people of this country and to build a campaign presence there to further strengthen our commitment to this plan.”

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